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“It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that’s pretty important – Martin Luther King, Jr.”  In the United States of America and the state of Florida, there are many laws that protect the residents provided they are aware of the law that binds them as well.

People have every right to ask for justice when they are harmed by someone’s carelessness or negligence. Such people have the option to have a civil jury trial to ascertain conclusive evidence against the offender who has committed the act. When it is proved in the court of law, they become liable for the payment of the damages incurred by the party that sustained the damages.

The jury has to consider all possibilities before taking the action, because there can be natural causes of the accident which may not have been the fault of the either party that could have happened though many possibilities like failure of the mechanics of a machine.

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Personal injury protection insurance law changes for 2013

I am writing this to update you on some major changes in Auto Accident Injury (PIP) coverage that took place in Florida starting on 1/1/13. These changes significantly reduce your coverage and initiate some guidelines that could cause you to lose medical (PIP) coverage altogether. I have included some steps (below) you can follow to make sure you have coverage for Chiropractic/Medical Care in the event of an accident.

Here are some of the changes that took place 1/1/13:

  1. Prior to 1/1/13, your PIP auto injury coverage would pay up to $10,000 for medical expenses. Starting 1/1/13, your coverage went down to $2500 for non-emergency medical conditions. This is a 75% drop in your coverage. Coverage for emergency medical conditions remain at $10,000.
  2. Any injuries from an auto accident must be diagnosed within 14 days of the accident date, or all medical coverage is lost.
  3. All injuries from the accident must be reported on the first visit to a Doctor, and no additional injured body regions will be eligible for the claim after the initial exam and diagnosis.

PIP can cover, within the specified dollar and time limits, the medical and or funeral expenses of the insured, others in its vehicle at the time of the loss, and pedestrians struck by its vehicle. The basic coverage is for the insured’s own injuries, on a first-party basis, without regard to liability. Again, it is only available in certain states. Many states that do not have PIP have Auto Medical Payments coverage, or AMP, and some states even have both. AMP is also a first party coverage, without regard to liability, but is only available in a few states, and generally optional.

AMP & PIP limits range from $1500.00 to $250,000.00 depends on the injury and the state. Claimants involved in an auto accident would be wise to submit their own insurance information to their medical providers, as third party carriers are under no legal obligation to pay a claimant’s medical bills, while first party carriers are liable to pay these claims. Third party carriers are subject to payment only after a judgement has been made against them, and any payments prior to that are considered voluntary. Settling a claim with a third party carrier is considered a voluntary payment. Florida made personal injury protection insurance, mandatory for drivers. Claims fraud in Florida was the highest in the nation in 2011, estimated at about $1 billion.

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Personal Injury Claim: Know How the Adjusters Resolve the Claims

The insurance adjusters play a great role when it comes to claim for personal injury compensation. Sometime they are also known as claims specialists, claims representatives, or independent claims forecaster. When it comes to the work recital of an insurance adjuster, it is judged by how petite of the insurance company’s wealth he expend for settlement as well as how rapidly they resolve claims. A majority of adjusters attain between fifty and hundred fresh claims in a month. Once an adjuster makes out that you comprehend the range your claim, he will not typically cut out your claim. At the time of negotiation for Accident Compensation Claims, you will come across that you identify much more about your claim as compared to the adjuster. Excluding those allocated to the major cases, these adjusters have no particular lawful or remedial guidance. Many of them don’t have enough time and resources for inspecting or examining your claim extremely cautiously. The consequence is that whilst an adjuster will recognize more than you regarding the claims industry usually, he will not identify your specific claim almost as you carry out.

In addition, you were there at the time of mishap. You are familiar with what your damages are and how long they have taken to restore to health. You have placed on the time to comprehend how the mishap took place and to express via images and medicinal proceedings and other papers what your injuries were. Then again the adjuster has little time to consider your folder. On condition that you are planned and comprehend the procedure, you will benefits from the negotiation. Usually, the adjuster has right to cop a plea with you on telephone. Once the claim amount is decided between you and the claim agent, he sends the paperwork to confirm the resolution.

When we talk about the agent’s authority to resolve claims on their own, it is controlled to convinced amount limits. Here, the limited ground on the practice of the agent. For less practiced agent, the limit is between 5-10 thousand dollars and for more practiced one, it is between 10-20 thousand dollars. An agent doesn’t reveal the limited of the agent’s right are unless you attain an propose elevated than that right. Sometimes, the agents help injured party in getting the 100% Compensation for the Damage, but it is not possible every time. When the agent requires checking with an administrator about your agreement offer, you should obtain a date by which you will come to the final resolution.

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